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Useful Things

All those extras that make stoning creative, faster and more addictive.

Remember, do give us a ring for any help and advice you might need.

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  1. ARM Sleeve Board

    Dolly Board ARM

    Garment Sleeve Board ONE SIZE Learn More
  2. RO Dolly Board Ladies Set

    Dolly Board Ladies

    Wooden body board panels: the perfect tool to assist in embellishment MADE IN ENGLAND Learn More
    Price From: £35.00 As low as: £25.00
  3. NTBOT close

    Needle Tip Bottles [pair]

    Precision tip glue applicator bottles

    Sold by the pair!


    Empty 15ml bottle with needle and protection cap supplied by the pair

    These things are a breeze to use!  Top up with your favourite liq Learn More

  4. Rhinestone Syringes

    Rhinestone Syringes

    Rhinestone Syringes Perfect for controlled application of glue!

    Olive - Largest tip good for thick glues like E6000 and Serious Glue

    Green - Good with thic Learn More

  5. Rhinestone Picker Wax Pencil

    Rhinestone Picker Wax Pencil

    Wax Pencil Best Rhinestone Picker around!!

    No more expensive gizmos or bits of blue-tack needed!!

    Just a pencil with the right stickiness from the wax that runs through the pencil. Now if it Learn More

  6. Craft Tweezers 18cm

    Craft Tweezers 18cm

    Rhinestones Online's favourite Tweezers

    Simply the best Tweezers we have ever used for stoning.

    The perfect length, flat at the bottom for a better grip, grated to stop the hand slippi Learn More

  7. Preciosa Tweezers wrap

    Preciosa Tweezers

    Our ALL-TIME FAVOURITE tweezers. Learn More
  8. Aluminium Sort Trays (Set of 3)

    Aluminium Sort Trays (Set of 3)

    Set of 3 Quality Aluminium Sorting Scoop Trays Learn More
  9. Magic Tray version 2

    Beadsmith Magic Tray

    Perfect for smaller stones (up to ss12!) With just a shake, flat back stones will turn right side up, quickly and easily! The textured surface design of the tray uses friction to flip your stones just like magic (or science)! They'll turn flat side down ready to be picked up by an applicator Learn More
  10. rhinestone wheel

    Rhinestones Nail Art Wheel

    Rhinestone Wheel

    Perfect for those teeny Rhinestones!!

    12 little compartments and no danger of stones flipping from one to the next!

    Along with the pencil picker life gets easier!

    Learn More
  11. Stone Sizer close

    Stone Size Guide

    These have proved so popular at events and shows, we've decided to add them to general sale! Learn More
  12. UK BRITISH Hotfix Applicator

    Hotfix Applicator UK BRITISH PLUG

    7 tips

    ss34,ss20, ss16, ss10, ss6

    Two flat tips 9 mm, 4 mm for different sized stones or other embellishments

    Integrated ON-OFF Switch in St Learn More

  13. EU Hotfix Applicator

    Hotfix Applicator EU 2-PRONG PLUG

    EU PLUG  - if you need a British Plug please see other listing!

    7 tips

    ss34,ss20, ss16, ss10, ss6

    Two Learn More


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