Brides don't blush - they sparkle!

Spring is almost over and summer is on the horizon - and more and more of those postponed weddings are finally underway!!

Across the world, adding a little sparkle to the bridal gown - and groom, and bridesmaids, and cake, and...... well, you get the idea;  it's become quite commonplace!

One of the new trends for 2022 is, perhaps unsurprisingly, Bridgerton-inspired visible corsetry.  Having supplied their Preciosa stones by the millions (all hand-glued!!) we were thrilled to see this pop up.

Whether pearls or crystals, they always make wedding couture seem that little bit magical.  A flash on a veil, a slight sparkle of light catching a long train, or full on blind-me-with-bling - it's all down to personal dreams and it's all good.


Incidentally, if you're looking at this picture and thinking "that's what I want!" you can find it by Clicking HERE