Had enough of winter? Spring/Summer 2021 is all about colour! 

Unveiled in Milan at the world exhibition Lineapelle are new colours Smoked Amethyst, Pale Lilac and Shamrock. All with an AB variant, of course.

On average, each colour takes three to six months to create. Preciosa will usually appoint one lead researcher responsible for its development and they will be responsible for a team of up to five people, whose sole job it is to produce the desired result.

After rigorous testing the colour is then released. Here are the new season colours:

An outstanding imitation of the real gemstone, Smoked Amethyst is unique to Preciosa.

It comprises several extra eco-friendly colourants in addition to the standard number of between eight and ten.

Shamrock was originally developed as a customized production for a customer in Dubai. Like many of our other shades, it was received so well we decided to take it global.

The fresh new hue meets all ecological standards and is of course lead-free. To be a little more technical, with a refractive index of more than 1,560, Shamrock is a particularly vivid shade of green.

Pale Lilac joins the new releases. Like Smoked Amethyst, Pale Lilac belongs to the same family. A soft, feminine hue, it is a particularly eye-catching pastel.