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In principle, it is possible to glue the stones onto any fashion jewellery or textile materials. The following instructions are designed to help you in gluing Preciosa fashion jewellery stones onto various carrier materials.


Selecting an Adhesive for Gluing Preciosa Stones

Making an informed choice of a suitable adhesive is an essential prerequisite to successfully gluing Preciosa Rhinestones onto various carrier materials.

Adhesives suitable for non porous carrier materials

Metals with no Iron content, deposited noble metals, other lacquered and non-lacquered materials, ceramics, glass, stone, hard woods, leather and other solid materials.

We supply Recommended adhesives: E6000 or Strass 244

Adhesives suitable for textile, paper and other carrier materials

These include all types of textiles, knitted fabrics, non-woven fabrics, paper etc.

We supply Recommended adhesives: Gem Tac


Never apply adhesives of the “superglue” type to foiled or vacuum-coated Preciosa stones. The reaction of their chemical composition may cause irreversible damage to or even complete destruction of the stone's reflexive layer (foil) or similar metal coating. This results in the stone's 'fogging', or the stone may even separate from the carrier material.

Preparing Surfaces before Gluing Preciosa Stones

Preparing Preciosa stones before gluing

Fashion jewellery stones by Preciosa are supplied in original packaging marked with the company’s brand name. Unsealed and unpacked, the stones are ready for immediate application. When handling them, do not touch the back of the stones with bare hands.

In the event that the stones’ surfaces get smudged, e.g. with fingerprints, it is possible to clean them using a water solution of detergents (weak alkaline solution of degreasing agents) and to back their cleaning effect by using ultrasonic cleaners. After having been cleaned, the stones should be dry, degreased and cleared of all possible surface stains.

Preparing carrier materials before gluing the stones

Before gluing the stones, it is necessary to remove all undesirable impurities from the surfaces of these carrier materials, primarily dust, corrosion inhibitors, thin layers of preservatives and fingerprints. To degrease the surfaces, you can use organic solvents, such as trichloro-ethylene, 2-propanone (acetone) or 2-propanol. After having been cleaned, the surfaces should be dry, degreased and cleared of all possible surface stains.

Fabrics designed for outdoor clothing have, as a rule, various surface finishes, mostly water-repellent ones such as microporous membranes made of fluoroplastics, polyurethane coatings or other similar finishes that might make gluing stones onto them complicated or even completely impossible. Textile materials must be degreased and cleared of all traces of chemical surface treatment by washing,

dry-cleaning or by the combination of both. When washing, do not use conditioners.

Useful advice:

When using new untried adhesives or applying the stones to unknown carrier materials, it is recommended to run a peeling test first, at the same time strictly observing technical instructions given by the adhesive’s manufacturer.


Helpful tools: All can be found in accessories

The Wax Picker Pencil is perfect for picking up and placing the stones. Syringes with the correct tip are great for dispensing the glue. E6000 is great for hard surfaces. Choose the Olive tip for the syringe.

Gem Tac is good for textiles, no need for a syringe.

Correct Procedure for Gluing Preciosa Stones

The amount of the adhesive used

Optimum amount of the adhesive - Each stone size requires a corresponding amount of the adhesive. To achieve top quality of the glued joint, we recommend using adhesive dispensers. These help you to choose the optimum dose of the adhesive, ensuring the best possible adhesion.

The lack of the adhesive results, as a rule, in too thin a layer of the adhesive, or in the adhesive unevenly covering the stone’s back. This may cause the adhesion to decrease and so the probability that the stone may detach is higher.

Larger than optimum amount of the adhesive may stain the fabric around the stone, the reverse side of the textile carrier material or the surface of the stone. This is characterized by a distinctive strip of the adhesive irregularly surrounding the stone, or by an unsightly great smudge on the reverse side of the textile material.

Useful advice: When gluing larger stones, mind that the adhesive slightly surrounds the stone’s girdle after having been pressed onto the carrier material. Otherwise, the sufficient joint strength is not guaranteed and it is more than likely that the stone will detach.

Gluing stones onto elastic carrier materials

Before gluing fashion jewellery stones onto elastic, i.e. "stretch" materials (knitted fabrics, fabrics containing polyurethane fibres, e.g. Lycra, nylon stockings etc.), it is advisable to pre-stretch them slightly first. This simple technique helps decrease the forces that could cause future adverse joint stress.

Follow the recommended procedure:

1. Prepare the carrier material.

2. Check the stone for cleanliness; if it is not clean, clean it.

3. Make sure that the selected adhesive is suitable for the carrier material used, meeting technical requirements specified in the instructions given by the adhesive’s manufacturer.

4. To test the adhesive, select a scrap piece of surplus carrier material. If it is not available, try to find an unseen part of the material used, where you can carry out the test without fear of spoiling the final product.

5. Apply an appropriate dose of adhesive to the carrier material or to the stone’s back according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

6. Applying gentle pressure, press the stone onto a drop of adhesive placed on the carrier material.

7. Let the adhesive set according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

8. After the adhesive has set, it is advisable to run a peeling test. If the results are satisfactory, you can continue gluing the remaining stones.





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