If you’re looking for inspiration, browse the Imaginarium. Headline news, fashion articles, collaborators in design. The pictures of creations of our customers are all displayed with their blessing these delights are just too delicious to hide away. Thank you to all for sharing.

NYFW 2021 - "Area"

New York Fashion Week 2021 was HOT. Many designers paid tribute to the female muses that inspired them in one way or another. Piotrek Panszczyk and Simone Biles of Area was one of them. Dua Lipa...

Bikinis by Houlberg

Bikinis by Houlberg creates stunning competition pieces using our Preciosa rhinestones

Jane Cowling

Customer Jane Cowling came to us having never done her own rhinestoning previously. A few advisory phone calls and careful orders later, here are more of her wonderful results! Shared with...

Mrs Bateson

Mrs Bateson is a widow who raises money for a dementia charity. Using our Korean glass diamantes and nailheads she makes these brooches (and other goodies through the year). Aren't they adorable?...