Red Velvet


Until now, it has been practically impossible to create red-coloured crystal without using the chemical element cadmium, widely known to be toxic to plants, animals and micro-organisms. Preciosa are the first crystal company in the world to solve this issue, a move which falls firmly in line with its efforts to strive towards environmentally responsible and forward thinking solutions. 

The new cadmium-free shade of red is aptly named Red Velvet. It is no exaggeration to say that this innovation represents a revolution within the crystal and fashion industries. 

Borrowing heavily from the traditional Adam and Eve narrative, the campaign theme puts a playful, modern twist on the story. Eve is tempted by the serpent, the incarnation of fast fashion. Fortunately, she chooses instead to bite the sparkling red apple of knowledge, thereby emerging victorious over the serpent.

Just as Eve’s narrative in this classic story has been altered, Red Velvet shows that we too can alter the course of how the fashion industry impacts the environment with progressive and innovative thinking.