New Colours from Preciosa for 2016

Khaki Design

KHAKI   Khaki Rhinestone

This trendy nature-inspired Khaki shade can be used to create the perfect rustic design – or when used in combination with edgy greys or textures it is perfect for urban chic styles. Available from February 2016 in  PRECIOSA VIVA 12 Chaton Rose ss6 to ss34, both in Hot Fix and SilVer foiled.

                    Khaki AB RhinestoneThere is of course also the AB version.

                    LIGHT TOPAZ    Light Topaz AB

Funky is back in shimmering bright gold with our new Light Topaz and Light Topaz AB.

Get down and boogie with this sparkling shade that comes in all but the smallest size of PRECIOSA VIVA 12.

Also available from February 2016                  Light Topaz                          

                                     Light Topaz Design
   golden honey design


This season’s boho chic is all about laisser-faire elegance and no product offering would be complete without also having the option of a gold-coating in our PRECIOSA VIVA12. This is one of the special coating stones.

                                                                          Golden Honey2