Random Nailheads Mix

Random Nailheads Mix
Random Nailheads Mix

Random Mix Aluminium Nailheads

Highest grade. Made in Korea.


Random Nailheads Mix

Each bag consists of one gross (144 pieces) made up of various colours of the following:

Round 5mm + 13mm
Square 3mm + 5mm
Rectangle 2.5 x 7mm + 3 x 10mm
Triangle 6 x 6
Heart 6 x 6
Star 5mm + 8mm
Diamond 4 x 8mm + 5 x 8mm
Water Drop 3 x 6mm + 5 x 8mm
Leaf 6 x 10mm
Oval 6 x 10mm
Moon 10 x 10mm

Not all colours are available in all shapes, not all shapes are available in all colours : this is a random mix and contents WILL vary by pack!

All our quality nailheads have a fine hotfix glue backing, but can just as easily be glued on. Great for cards and crafts, sprucing up clothes, tee-shirt designs, re-vamping old knitwear - the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Hot Fix

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