AURORA on board

RhinestonesOnline - Aurora Authorised Partner UK

Proud to announce we are the UK's new Authorised Partner of AURORA crystals


You might recall in late 2020 Swarovski® announced the closure of commercial and retain accounts worldwide and ceased to manufacture their Crystal Components (their individual stones and beads developed for retail, DIY and nails).  It came as quite a shock to the industry and a huge disappointment to many of our customers.

Now Preciosa Bohemian Crystals are Swarovski equals in quality and standard - always have been.  Swarovski is Austrian Crystal. Preciosa is Czech Crystal (Bohemian Crystal). They grew from the crystal valley and they are both the highest quality crystals, world class and distinguishable from each other only by their own colour creations. That's the thing - the ranges varied hugely with the colours/shapes produced and we had to fill that gap.

We got to work immediately.

AURORA crystals reach the highest European quality standards, and have an exemplary cut. We tested examined their stones and tested the durability of the hotfix glue, watching for dulling etc, over a period of 9 months.  Once satisfied these stones indeed not only have a wonderful sparkle, but they are of excellent quality, we were happy to become their first UK Authorised Partner.

They have a large range of colours, shapes and sizes - some of the colours replicate Swarovski's.  It's a huge range and will take time to grow, but having shared the secrets (and the goods!) with a select number of discriminating commercial clients this year, we are all quite excited to have added this string to our bow.

Budget-wise these articles sit between the unsurpassable Preciosa and our Premium DMC collection which now gives us a four-tier range to help all budgets mix-and-match to suit.  

Aurora sources from different global suppliers including their own production arms,  based on the unique combination of the price and highest European quality standards.  It is for this reason we made sure to test a good range of products before joining forces.  We're not the only ones who think this is a great addition.


Please note:  Preciosa is still the only major European producer of machine cut crystal components that does not require a signed brand control agreement.  Preciosa guarantees that 100% of their machine cut products are produced within a single region of the Czech Republic.  They ae genuine Bohemian Crystal of the highest quality and truly European.