Premium Quality Accessories

All those extras and trusted tools that make your creations come together faster, more smoothly and with improved results. Our premium quality adhesives are formulated to be suitable for applying gems and perfect for mirror backed stones - not to damage or melt the foil backing. Our tape is professional quality suitable for both home use and professional presses. When it comes to these products, we do not sell imitations – and we don’t compromise on quality. We want your work to last!

We'd say colour charts were worth their weight in gold, but they're only light! Seriously - one of the best investments you'll make if you use stones a lot. A go-to reference piece for colours, sizes and shapes.

Well you have your delightful stash of assorted stones, gems and goodies - but it's time to get organised! No more "I'm sure I had that colour/size/shape somewhere". Keep everything neat, tidy and to hand. We have a selection of pots and storage boxes - even some with moveable dividers so you can make it suit your own needs!

Remember, do give us a ring for any help and advice you might need.

Silver-foiled (glue-on) items all require a glue. Choose depending on requirements – the materials being used and purpose of the creation. Hot-fix embellishments CAN be glued if you prefer!

Hot-fix rhinestones and other adornments have a fine layer of glue pre-applied especially in readiness for hot-fixing using an applicator wand, tape and press or iron.
For information on glues and how-to or hot-fixing using tape see our guides.’’