One Year In Lockdown

Rhinestone Kitchen

Another step to post-pandemic as non-essential journeys are "go"! Back out on the motorbike again (essential for my mental health) and I'm sure I did the right thing in refraining from rhinestoning my helmet during lockdown.... it would definitely have caused a few accidents when the sun hit it!

Having heard from so many of you I thought I would give you an update of the last year.

The warehouse had a revamp in the summer allowing for more efficient and speedy picking and packing.

We finished testing the new Premium DMC range (the Crystal AB colour has evolved and is beautiful). Although the original plan to bring the whole range in hasn't happened (thanks 2020!) we are now stocking the Crystal & Crystal AB stones in both glue on and hotfix.  Hopefully the coming year will allow us to expand the range at a good pace.

We have been renewed as a Preciosa Authorised Partner - quite an achievement this year! As the majority of our customer base is the entertainment industry it has been a difficult year.

The biggest news is the evolution of this new website! Working from scratch with product photographs, more information and improved product information, it’s something we couldn't have done without the quiet lockdown time.  Clearer and simpler to use with less click-throughs - and a few additions to boot!

We are back to dispatching daily with a 3pm cut-off Monday to Thursday, 12 noon on Fridays.

I would like to thank those who have been in touch. Thanks to those of you who have been in a position to continue to support the business. I do hope you are all finding a way through this.

From the lovely updates we have had there have certainly been plenty of you honing your blinging skills and stoning everything in sight it seems. We're happy to have been working with you with advice and you have in turn given us endless inspiration.

We have shared a few here but do feel free as always to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for more examples of sparkle being spread about the world!


Photo Credit: a piece from Yana Potter Art - well worth following on Instagram - or buying from if you'd like to adorn your walls with her works!


Sparkly regards from

Deborah Beck