Premium DMC Diamante

Our Premium Machine Cut Rhinestones offer exceptional sparkle at affordable cost. Subject to intensive quality control procedures and inspections, this is a superior range of embellishments, precision cut and polished.

Rhinestones Online are delighted to offer the diamantes in both hotfix and glue-on options, all with the standard silver-foil backing for increased reflection and colour depth.

Originally tested a few years ago, these stones have been improved even further (the AB coating particularly). After continuing to test and compare many samples from numerous companies across Europe, America and Asia we chose these for their standard of:

· brilliance

· consistency of shape and size

· durability after washing

· value for money

Having cleared all aged stock, our new range will be expanded going forward with most popular colours and sizes being introduced first.

If we don’t have what you want – ASK! We can bump it up the list or add it to the next order.


Stone Sizes – quick reference:

“ss” stands for Stone Size, but is not the measurement of the gem! 

Stone Diameters are in millimetres with a tolerance of 0.1mm either way.  Find your size here:



Sold by the gross (144 stones per pack)


ss4 1.6mm
ss5 1.8mm
ss6 2.0mm
ss7 2.2mm
ss8 2.4mm
ss9 2.6mm
ss10 2.8mm




ss12 3.1mm
ss16 3.9mm
ss20 4.7mm
ss30 6.4mm
ss34 6.15mm
ss40 8.55mm
ss48 11.1mm