AW22's Face Crystal Trend

Yes, it's happening.  Back to the 80s/90s!  The trend of stickering crystals to the face/ears/nails is back to brighten up the colder months, according to the fashion gurus.  Though a little more upmarket with the use of rhinestones.  Featuring on the Autumn-Winter catwalks have been several interesting looks, but basically it looks like anything goes.

Simone Rocha reflected Venetian mask-style creations, at Koche, ornamental gems were brought onto the lips, while at Givenchy crystals appeared to have been part of the models' very skin.

Doniella Davy, also known as Donni, is an American makeup artist and film/TV makeup department head. She is most known for her work on HBO’s epic teen drama Euphoria.  She is responsible for resuscitating the nostalgic face gem trend with sparkling manifestations of the show's characters, mixing radical eyeshadows and experimental eyeliner with rhinestone detailing to create otherworldly make-up looks.  She created her own brand of make-up called Half-Magic having been inspired by the experience.

TOP TIP:  If you fancy giving this a go, use oil-free make-up products, apply using eyelash glue (excellent for heavier or larger stones) and tweezers, or your fingertips.

MAC National Artist, Carly Utting recommends 'A pretty technique is to create a “liner” with the crystals on the upper lash line, which defines the eye with sparkle and looks super effective, especially with dark burgundy or purple gems,'

Davy's own recommendations are: 

"Just like any make-up product, there is an infinite way that face gems can be worn, from ultra-minimal to completely personal favourite way to wear them is by applying a few tiny rhinestones spaced out along my lower lash line; this looks really pretty and perfectly understated.

If you want to try a bolder rhinestone look but keep it glam and chic, use a few different sizes of rhinestones. The different sized gems will reflect different sized twinkles, which makes the look feel fancier and multidimensional. Tiny rhinestones can be used to create more defined and delicate corners, angles, and tapered moments."

[quotes from Elle].