Climate Change

Climate Change

It’s been 6 years, but…


With the economic climate not being stagnant, we have finally had to implement a price increase.

Preciosa increases its product prices annually, every April, but we have absorbed the costs over the past few years making adjustments elsewhere.  However, they have had to make several additional increases over the last year with the cost of raw materials and minerals increasing.  Metal bandings and fixings have been particularly affected.  Other suppliers are sporadic with dates and ranges but have also been strongly affected by economic changes.

2021 has brought an increase in costs from every angle.  Raw materials, production costs, import/export and courier fees, insurances, software.   The impact of the pandemic on top of Brexit cannot be underestimated.

You might notice a few pence on items – and then again, there have been a couple of small drops in prices from other suppliers and where this has happened we have passed the saving on to you.

Remember, apart from the difference between manufacturer pricing, stones prices change with size, colour, fixing and shape.  Bright colours (Fuchsia, Siam, Capri Blue for example) can fall into one pricing band, AB coatings another and so on; most manufacturers have four or five pricing layers for colours alone.  Then there are the stone sizes within those colours.

Factory Pack discounts are still the best buy, bringing prices down by cutting out measuring and repackaging costs.

Don’t forget to look out for pack sizes too!

Some will only sell Factory Packs – others who sell individually will tend to be packs of 100 stones.  We sell our rhinestones BY THE GROSS – that’s 144 stones per bag!  Which usually means you getting more for your money.  We also sell many sew-on stones individually.

We will ALWAYS endeavour to give you the best value we can and only ever raise our prices where absolutely necessary - and we pass on our savings too.

Finally - remember, if you can't see it listed, do ask!  We are constantly growing our ranges and will prioritise high demand items.  If there is anything in Preciosa you need that you can't see - ask.  If they make it, we can get it.