Fabri-Fuse Fabric Glue
Fabri-Fuse Fabric Glue

How long does Fabri-Fuse take to dry?

Dry flat for 8 hours. Best left for 24 hours. Fabrics are washer safe after 72 hours.

Can Fabri-Fuse be dry cleaned?

Yes, dry cleaning will not affect the strength of the glue.

Will Fabri-Fuse dry clear?

Yes, the glue looks cloudy when wet but will dry completely clear.

Is Fabri-Fuse safe to use on photographs?

Yes. Fabri-Fuse is acid-free and photo-safe.

Fabri-Fuse Fabric Glue

Fabri-Fuse Fabric Glue by E6000 59.1ml

From America the Go-To Fabric Glue!

Fabri-Fuse is an exceptional adhesive choice for all types of fabric and decorative items. Its extreme flexibility allows fabric to move and stretch - even after washing!

Fabri-Fuse produced in America is an E6000 product - and it is the Ultimate fabric glue. The go-to choice of costumiers, crafters and performers across the world.

Great for projects using fabric, felt, metal, wood, glass, rubber and much more. It is PERFECT for stretch fabrics, designed to be used on spandex, lycra, leotards, swimsuits etc. No syringe needed as the bottle has a ready-made application tip protected by the lid.

♥ Dries clear

♥ Acid-Free

♥ Washable

♥ Low Odour

♥ Dry Clean - yes, even dry-cleaning will not affect the strength of the glue!

Follow these step-by-step directions when using Fabri-Fuse:

1. Remove inner seal on bottle and replace top.

2. Apply directly to each surface to be bonded.

3. Mate surfaces.

4. Dry flat for at least 8 hours.

5. Washable after 72 hours.


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