Gem Tac Fabric Glue


Great Multi-purpose adhesive tried and trusted for years specifically forumulated for securing rhinestones and gems.

Bonds gems, sequins, glitter and rhinestones to fabrics.

Bonds Fabrics to glass, vinyl, metal, and patent leather.

This is a fluid glue with a white colour which dries to clear. The white colour allows you to see where the glue has been placed. As it is a fluid adhesive, for precise application the Needle Tip Bottles are the perfect tool! Just decant the glue into the bottle and screw on the top - always replacing the protective rubber cap to prevent the glue drying out. Also suitable for smaller-gauge syringes if that is your preference.

♥ Washable

♥ Non-Toxic

♥ Non-Flammable

♥ Outstanding on fabrics

♥ Specialist Rhinestone Glue

Available as:

0.17oz / 5ml tube

2oz / 59ml bottle

4oz / 118ml bottle

8oz / 236.59ml bottle

Gem Tac Fabric Glue

Use to bond:

Fabric, Gems, Glitter, Pearls, Plastic, Rhinestones, Studs, Leather, Vinyl, Wood.


Permanent, Dries Clear, Non-Toxic, Water Based, Washable, Water Proof, UVA Resistant, Non-Flamable, Shock Resistant, Flexible, Never Brittle, No Unpleasant Odour.

Dry Time:

1 Hour

Cure Time:

24 Hours

Helpful Hints:

Requires only a small amount to really hold; position item gently and do not press hard to prevent oozing or soaking through.

Gem-Tac's unique formula actually gets STRONGER when exposed to heat from the dryer.

To Remove spillages:

Gem-Tac is designed to stay on, however in the event you need to remove it:

When wet, Gem-Tac can be removed with warm soapy water.

When dry, Gem-Tac can be removed by dry cleaning.

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