Use to bond:

Fabric, Gems, Glitter, Pearls, Plastic, Rhinestones, Studs, Leather, Vinyl, Wood.


Permanent, Dries Clear, Non-Toxic, Water Based, Washable, Water Proof, UVA Resistant, Non-Flamable, Shock Resistant, Flexible, Never Brittle, No Unpleasant Odour.

Dry Time:

1 Hour

Cure Time:

24 Hours

Helpful Hints:

Requires only a small amount to really hold; position item gently and do not press hard to prevent oozing or soaking through.

Gem-Tac's unique formula actually gets STRONGER when exposed to heat from the dryer.

To Remove spillages:

Gem-Tac is designed to stay on, however in the event you need to remove it:

When wet, Gem-Tac can be removed with warm soapy water.

When dry, Gem-Tac can be removed by dry cleaning.

Gem Tac Fabric Glue


This is the go-to glue for most.  Great Multi-purpose adhesive tried and trusted for years specifically formulated for securing rhinestones and gems.  This premium adhesive is one of the only glues suitable for applying mirror backed (foiled) stones - the glue won't warp or alter the appearance of the gems.

Bonds gems, sequins, glitter and rhinestones to fabrics.

Bonds Fabrics to glass, vinyl, metal, and patent leather.

This is a fluid glue with a white colour which dries to clear. The white colour allows you to see where the glue has been placed. As it is a fluid adhesive, for precise application the Needle Tip Bottles are the perfect tool! Just decant the glue into the bottle and screw on the top - always replacing the protective rubber cap to prevent the glue drying out. Also suitable for smaller-gauge syringes if that is your preference.

♥ Washable

♥ Non-Toxic

♥ Non-Flammable

♥ Outstanding on fabrics

♥ Specialist Rhinestone Glue

Available as:

0.17oz / 5ml tube

2oz / 59ml bottle

4oz / 118ml bottle

8oz / 236.59ml bottle

£2.00 - £14.99

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