Preciosa Colour Chart VIVA12 - Updated 2023
Preciosa Colour Chart VIVA12 - Updated 2023

Preciosa MC Chaton Rose VIVA12 Flatback Rhinestones Colour Chart

The official Preciosa colour chart for flatback rhinestones. The chart is a booklet which displays their rhinestones. Showing the colour and AB version, and the Special Coating colours available. Especially useful for checking how the Aurura Borealis coating over a colour really changes it.

The stunning czech crystals are displayed on a transparent sheet over the names. This means the sheet can be laid over fabric so an accurate picture of the way the stone will look can be seen.

The column of clear rhinestones to the left is a handy display of stone sizes. Stones are all protected by a foam pad secured to the cover.

PRECIOSA VIVA12 Colour Chart

Booklet of flatback rhinestones displayed on a transparent film.

NOTE: All VIVA12® colours and coatings are lead free.

Slight deviations in colour shades are unavoidable. Shades of coatings may vary depending on the size or shape of the product.

Be aware that AB coatings can completely change a stone colour and reds are particularly prone to looking more blue - use the guide to compare.


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